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Silver Sol - AntibioticOur Top Pick

Silver Sol Solution

What if there was a product that would eliminate illness for yourself and your family?  For my family, this has become our anti-biotic.  During cold and flu season, it is our prevention.  We even use it to treat our little dogs!

Real Food
Real Food

If you drink a meal replacement or protein shake, take a look at the ingredients.  Are you eating whole foods?  Is it real food or is it synthetic?  Is it made with GMO soy or dairy?  We don’t sell it here, but we love and recommend


Raw Food – Amazing E-book!

Raw Foods Heal Naturally

Everything you need to know about how to dramatically change your life and never get sick again. This isn’t a trendy fad diet, it’s an understanding on how to live the way we were designed. Explained in a simple-to-understand down to earth language, this book gets straight to the point. No fluff. You can change your life with simple things that cost almost nothing, right in your own home, starting immediately. This is it folks. It doesn’t get any better explained and easier to understand than this!



Healthy Salt – Seriously! Himalayan Crystal Salts

rock salt lampNot all salt is created equal.  This is healing!
As a salt lover, I was thrilled to discover Himalayan Rock Salt.  Check out the lamps as well.
Visit Himalayan Salt Cart 


Chia Seeds and Flour

Have you heard about the health benefits of the ancient chia seed?  Go to this site and learn more about it.  For gluten free diets, this is the closest thing you’ll find to wheat flour. Bakes well and has a pleasant taste.  I use it to make pizza dough.  Bakes a nice bread too.

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Xylitol – Sweetness that is good for you and your teeth!

The Absolute BEST Sugar Alternative
I have tried them all – and I’m not joking.  There are some really good alternatives on the market today, including sugar produced from whey (it is really good too, but higher GI value).

Eating for Weight Loss (Zero Cal Noodles!! and more)

Don’t Give Up Pasta for Weight Loss!
Can you imagine?  Zero carbs, zero calories – and great tasting!  These are not called Miracle Noodles for nothing.  Oh, AND nutritious! Who could ask for more?


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