BestImmuneBooster.Com is a website created by ordinary people who believe in living extraordinary lives, learning and growing on the journey to living a fulfilled and happy life.  We believe that is best accomplished through the use of natural health and healing products.  Nature provides us with everything we need to experience ultimate health.  The products we have chose to promote on this website are products that we believe to be of superior quality.

But living a healthy life is about more than good food and vitamin supplements.  It is about feeling good about yourself.  Health encompasses the whole person.  We believe that good health starts with women.  Women are in a position to truly change the world.  When a mother practices healthy eating, has healthy self esteem and feels good about herself, generally, her children will too.

Now, before you start calling us sexist, please understand that we realize this is a gross generalization.  We absolutely believe in equality, but we do recognize differences between the sexes, generally speaking (of course!).  The fact is that society views women and men differently.  There are different expectations and standards in terms of weight and physical appearance, and sexuality.  The male and female brains are wired differently – so while we strive for equality, it is important that we also acknowledge that we are indeed different.

We know that obesity is on the rise.  We also know that larger women tend to have a negative self image.  It doesn’t help that clothing available for larger women tends to be frumpy and unflattering.  When a woman learns to love herself, at her current size and shape, she is more likely to become the size and shape she prefers to be.  For some of us though, we are simply not size 8s.  We are 16s and 18s and beyond, but are still healthy.  We ought to be able to dress fashionably!

While outward appearance is just that, outward, we recognize the importance that our physical appearance has on our confidence and self esteem.  For that reason, BestImmuneBooster.Com will be searching for clothing and accessories for plus size women, as well as health conscious cosmetics and skin care products.  Do stay tuned!

We welcome natural health providers and women’s product providers to contact us if you have a superior product you would like to feature on our website.

This site features content from a variety of sources and authors.  The primary curator of the content (not the same as writer) is myself, a social worker by profession, I worked in child protection services for about 15 years.  I quit working in social services to be a full time work from home caregiver to my two children.  My husband and I each had a child from a previous marriage so when we decided to start a second family, it was truly a third family!  While never easy, we have successfully melded those 3 families into one that continues to expand.  We now have two adult children, who have blessed us with 3 grandchildren, and two (currently) teenagers still at home. My journey has been interesting and enlightening, and that is also what this site is about!

As a social worker I noticed that families were dealing with an increased number of issues.  Ironically, there seems to have been an epidemic of “A” diseases and/or disorders:  Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, Allergies, Asthma, Altzheimers… what is going on?  When my own family was affected (more than once) with “A” disorders, I took it personally.  For the past 12+ years I have been researching, observing, testing, failing and succeeding in figuring out what is going on – and in my humble opinion – is in large part, digestive and nutritional deficiencies that can be fixed!

As a mother of very fussy eaters, I recognize the difficulty that many parents go through to properly nourish their children.  It is easy to fall into the trap of allowing them to eat the over processed convenience foods because they like them and they are easy to prepare.  This website will offer alternatives and practical assistance for parents of fussy kids.  Actually, where there is a fussy kid, there is often a fussy parent (that would be me!), so the recipes I will provide are not just for kids!