The Skinny on Skinny Fiber

Recently was asked my opinion on Skinny Fiber – a “new” diet pill that is circulating on the internet.  You can buy 3 month supply of Skinny Fiber for $199.00.  The testimonials are amazing.  There is no diet to follow, just take your Skinny Fiber and the weight will fall off.  Well it’s not quite true.

The main ingredient in Skinny Fiber is konjac root.  What konjac root does is truly quite magical.  It is also the main ingredient in another popular diet pill PGX Daily.  Truth is this works, but you don’t have to spend $199… read this article for more info on the benefits of konjac.  Then do a google search and buy a one month supply for about $10.00 – better yet, start cooking with Konjac Flour!

The Nutrition and Health Benefit of Konjac foods.


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