calorie free shirataki noodles

With so many “diets” on the market, one would expect that we would be a healthy and fit nation, however the opposite is true.  Obesity is at all time high, and in spite of the all the products out there, it is getting worse.  Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, risk of Heart Disease are all associated with, or exacerbated by, obesity.

Weight loss, and maintaining a healthy weight has become a national obsession.  It is a multi billion dollar industry, which if you are any kind of a conspiracy theorist, makes you wonder how we got here and who is profiting from keeping us fat…

If only we could tap into our body’s natural ability to create and maintain a healthy weight – perhaps it’s not as difficult as we think. So called “healthy foods” like whole grains (yes even the brown ones), cause a spike in insulin levels that contributes to not only disease (Type II diabetes), but also weight gain.

We are addicted to carbohydrates and sodium, and not unlike any other addiction, we must learn how to overcome it, but unlike other addictions, we cannot completely eliminate carbs!  We must break our addiction to carbohydrates to get our bodies back to working the way nature intended.

There are numerous diets on the market today.  Some work, others do not.  The ones that really work well are the ones that are not a diet, but a lifestyle change.  Lifestyle changes take time.  Allow yourself the time.  Get educated, try some new recipes.  Try replacing bad choices with better choices until, over time, you are making better choices most of the time.

Lucky for us, there are more and more products coming out that help us to do just that – replace poor food choices with better ones!

Zero calorie/carb noodles (banner on the right) is a step in the right direction.  At first, you may (like me) not be overly excited about the texture of the noodles.  Not so much texture as appearance!  The look almost translucent.  Please do not let that deter you!  When you follow the cooking instructions, they are really very good!

Weight Loss Products

This product, Protein Freeze, is just absolutely amazing.  It is included as part of a weight loss system designed by Kim Lyons of the Biggest Loser.  If you are looking for fast and healthy weight loss while indulging in rich creamy ice cream, this could be the one for you.



Konjac Foods- Konjac Glucomannan Powder (500g)


Konjac Root is the fiber that is used to make the miracle noodles, it is also the main ingredient in a popular (but expensive) weight loss supplement.  This powder (flour) can be used as a supplement, and also as a thickening agent for sauces, gravies etc.  It is flavorless.







[LARGE] Now Erythritol Sweetener (2.5 LBS)

Calorie and carb free sweetener.  This is a sugar alcohol that tastes great and bakes like sugar.










homeopathic hcg drops for weight loss

weight loss cure


The hCG diet is a controversial diet that until now, required daily injections of the hCG hormone, which also required daily visits to a health practitioner.  Now available as drops taken by mouth, more people can benefit from this remarkable method of losing weight very fast – one or more pounds PER DAY is normal and SAFE!

The Low Carb Grocery

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