Gaps Diet

If a member of your family is affected by any of the “A” Disorders, please consider learning more about Guts and Psychology Syndrome or GAPS. Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, Allergies, Asthma among others including Dyslexica, Dyspraxia and more.

Description From Amazon:

“Gut and Psychology Syndrome reveals the true connection between nutrition and brain function. Written by a neurologist and practicing nutritionist it is a no holds barred investigation into the real facts behind why todays generation of children have the highest incidence of learning disabilities and behavioral disorders ever. Reviewers have praised it for its wealth of information and advice. Presented in a style that will benefit both parents and practitioners, this book is definitely one to read and keep for reference.”

What if you could cure your symptoms or your child’s symptoms by changing your diet? This is truly break through knowledge that every expectant and current parent should read.

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