Health Foods that Are Killing Us

Forget about food that makes you fat.  If you avoid foods that make you sick (and ultimately kill you), you will naturally be thin.  Keeping it as close to natural as possible is your best strategy.  We recommend avoiding modern wheat altogether because it too is now mass produced, heavily sprayed for pests and weeds, and barely resembles the wheat our grandparents were fed.  Sprouted wheat (less processed) bread is best if you must consume wheat bread.  Sourdough bread is a healthier alternative as well because it is fermented,

Don’t be fooled by low fat foods – low fat is code for chemical soup.  Fat is not your enemy!  Vegetable oil is NOT better for you than animal fat.  Go ahead eat your butter! Just make sure it is organic and from grass fed cows.  Enjoy your cream! It won’t make you fat – it will make you healthy…

Please read Dr. Mercola’s list of 9 foods that you should avoid like the plague – these foods are causing a new kind of plague!

9 Foods You Should Never Attempt to Eat.



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