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This is an interesting article that outlines the author’s opinion about the BodyByVi weightloss product sold by the company Visalus.  Like the author, I have been asked countless times for my opinion on the product, and on the business opportunity.  I cannot speak to the business opportunity.  I have no issue whatsoever with the MLM model.  In fact, I think it is a brilliant sales model – many excellent products are marketed in this fashion – it is truly word of mouth selling that enables the company to save millions in advertising.  Visalus has an excellent marketing plan.  The 90 Day Challenge has gone viral.  No one can ever accuse this company of failing to market effectively!  But, I digress…

When I was sent a sample of the shake mix (that tastes like a cake mix), the first thing I did was read the ingredients label.  The ingredients are not easily found on their website (if at all – I couldn’t find them).  Although after reading the ingredients I knew I would not eat or sell it, I was curious if it tasted as good as they said, so I did mix it and took a sip.  Not bad… I’ve tasted better (iMarketDirect – Body shakes are delicious)

The author of this article cites her 3 reasons for steering clear of Body By Vi products.  Her top 3 contain 2 of my top 3 (Sunflower and Sucralose), and I added Soy which is one of my top 3:

I will only use olive and coconut oil.  Never canola, never sunflower.  A healthy fat will contain a proper ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Vegetable oils, such as these, have a high omega 6 content.  These types of vegetable oils are in abundance and are very cheap – in price and quality. They are used in most processed foods because they are cheap, not because they are healthy.

Say no more… yuck

This is my top dangerous ingredient.  Sucralose aka Splenda, kills healthy bacteria in your gut.  That causes all kinds of problems and disease.  Our goal in eating should always be to increase our healthy flora and decrease the unhealthy.  Sucralose does the opposite.  Consuming it once in awhile may not be terribly harmful (small dose of arsenic won’t kill you either), but if you are using BodyByVi as directed, you are eating it daily – twice daily… indefinitely.  

The author of the article below does not list soy as a reason to steer clear, but it is one of my primary reasons.  90% of the soy grown in North America is a GMO (genetically modified organism).  Visalus claims that they use non GMO soy, but I find it hard to believe that a company who would cheap out and use sucralose (and claim it harmless) would pay for non GMO soy… no way… I aint buyin it!  GMO also rob our gut of healthy flora and feeds bad bacteria – making us sick and fat!  While people do lose weight on BBV, most will gain it all back (and then some).  Those who don’t gain it all back may be thinner than before, but they are most likely in poorer health too.

Read the article for the Domestic Diva’s take on BBV

Dangers of Visalus Ingredients | Fabulously Domestic.

Sidebar:  We were recently informed that Visalus has some legal issues – some of their products tested positive for LEAD… holy crap!  Guess we should add lead to our list of why we won’t eat or recommend Visalus products!

Below is a copy of the official notice of violation.


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