ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and Bi-polar Disorder Relief




There is some new research out that suggests that a supplement, created by QSciences International, may assist people with disorders such as ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and bi-polar disorder.   The company cannot (and does not) claim to cure or treat any disorder.

Q96 is a “mood enhancing” supplement that can make a big difference for adults and children who suffer from these conditions.  There is mounting evidence to suggest that nutrition may play a bigger role than once thought.

Natural Health doctors and practitioners would argue that all disease and disorders can be treated without drugs.  For people currently taking drugs, a naturopath may be able to assist in reducing the dosage and gradually getting off drugs and their negative side effects completely.







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Nutraceuticals Markets – Nutraceuticals World – Research 14

By Michael McBurney, PhD, Head of Scientific Affairs, DSM Nutritional Products LLC. A new study found consumption of fatty acids, magnesium and zinc, amino acids, vitamins and probiotics resulted in a reduction in markers of metabolic stress and emotional problems associated with ADHD. Knowledge is power.