A US Government Agency Quietly Acknowledged That Marijuana May Help Fight Brain Tumors | VICE News

This is getting ridiculous. We have a medicine that is readily available and should be relatively inexpensive, even free, but it is illegal.


I’m serious! Stop and ask why? Certainly there are those who abuse marijuana. Is it harmless? Probably not when used in excess, but one thing it is not – deadly. Can we say that about prescription drugs? Prescription narcotics?

The relatively inexpensive and even free sentence is the biggest reason why…

When used as a medicine, it is powerful as hell! Your conventional doctor will tell you otherwise, but guess what? Your conventional doctor is full of shit! S/he is so far up the pharmaceutical industry’s arse, s/he is a part of it – even if s/he isn’t an actual investor.

S/he probably believes the lies s/he is spewing to you about it not being proven, about it not being effective, about it being harmful, about it NOT being a FAR better, FAR superior medication that can REPLACE most, if not all, of your current meds!

Do I sound angry? If so, you’re reading me right! I am furious!

Progress is slow – too slow for many who are sitting in hospitals and long term care facilities whacked out on dozens of medications that have rendered them compliant and easy to manage… a patient who doesn’t complain is content and happy right?

WRONG! They are existing – they are not living a life of any quality what-so-ever and they could be. Your Dr may say something along the lines of “well it may be effective, I don’t know, but patients can’t be smoking that stuff in the hospital!”

GRRRRR – try expanding your knowledge base Doc! Cannabis oil (CO) is the medicine we need to be allowed to serve to our ailing family members. It can be served in a capsule, or other edible, by mouth, or in a suppository.  I guess what we need are alternative hospitals and long term care facilities, but in the meantime, we need to fight for our family and friends who NEED this medicine… for some that means breaking stupid laws.

Alas a small break through… but one that has been shushed… Please read the article below. Share it. Spread the word that marijuana isn’t just for stoners. Join the revolution that just may save your own life!

A US Government Agency Quietly Acknowledged That Marijuana May Help Fight Brain Tumors | VICE News.

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